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Looking for a beauty salon in Te Awamutu? You're in the right place! There are many reasons to choose Beauty at Bella's for your beauty therapy needs, below are just some of our favourites.

Beauty at Bella's is Local

Beauty@Bella's Beauty Therapy Clinic

Beauty at Bella's is a local beauty salon, tucked away in the quiet suburbs of Te Awamutu offering outstanding quality beauty therapy treatments at an affordable price. Our treatments include waxing, tinting, massages, manicures, pedicures and facials. To view our beauty therapy treatments you can visit our treatments menu.

A Friendly Team Of One

Bella Labuschagne - Owner of Beauty at Bella's

The Beauty at Bella's beauty salon is run by a total of one person: Founder, CEO and Head Therapist Bella Labuschagne. She is passionate and experienced in natural health, well being and skin care. Bella has excelled in her tertiary studies graduating with a diploma in Somatology which includes Physics, Chemistry, Naturopathy, Anatomy, Physcology, an array of specialised massage and many more.

More Than A Beauty Therapy Salon

Bella's Garden

Beauty at Bella's is more than just a beauty therapy salon, it is also a health and nutriton center which advocates for natural skin care and diet. Additionally, Bella is an acomplised gardener, growing lots of her own vegtables, fruits and herbs on the same property as the beauty therapy salon (in the back yard!).

BB Naturals - A 100% Natural, Organic Skin Care Range

BB Naturals Organic Skin Care

That's right! Beauty at Bella's not only does beauty therapy treatments, it even has its own in-house skin care range called BB Naturals (short for Beauty at Bella's Naturals). BB Naturals is totally natural skin care made to suit each individual's needs. BB Naturals is an essential part of your beauty therapy treatments, keeping your skin looking young and strong. You can order BB Naturals online through our secure online store.

How does BB Naturals work?

At the BB Naturals store, you can choose your skin type by selecting one of our many incredible product categories in the drop down. There are also products that are great as gifts for anyone because they suit all skin types! If any of this sounds like you, checkout the BB Naturals online store!

Beauty at Bella's Blog

Beauty at Bella's has articles covering many important topics which provide tips to keep skin, body and mind healthy and strong. All these exclusive articles are authored by Bella Labuschagne herself, who is determined to provide you the best quality advice possible. Each article is painstakingly researched and written with love, backed by 21 years of experience in the beauty therapy industry as well as her own personal life experience as a mum of three gorgeous children. Check it out the Beauty at Bella's blog here.