Essential Tinted Day Cream


A beautiful light texture zinc cream containing carefully chosen oils as powerful natural protection against free radical damage, by infusing the skin with antioxidants and fatty acids to build up your skins natural defence mechanism. Also there anti inflammatory action fights against the damaging and ageing environmental factors. It has the added benefit of minerals like zinc, clay and oxides for physical sun protection and block out. This cream blends in well with most skin tones, powerful healing properties especially for breakouts (great for teenagers), bentonite clay that will reduce skin redness and is detoxifying. This cream has a build in bronzer, leaving your skin with a natural glow.  Great for everyday use and instead of foundation for a more natural look! (For dry skin use over your normal moisturiser for oilier skin use on it's own and if still too much colour for you dilute a small amount into your day moisturiser).


Organic shea butter, cocoa butter, hydrating jojoba oil with vitamin E, organic glycerine, organic olive oil, hemp seed oil, rose water, aloe vera juice, distilled water, xantum gum, olive derived emulsifying wax, organic glycerine, zinc oxide, bentonite clay, natural colour oxides and mica's, frankincense oil and lavender oil.