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Importance of oils in natural skin care

Oils don't equal breakouts.

If the thought of putting oils on your face brings really bad breakouts to mind, think again. Ancient Egyptians kept their skin vibrant and flawless with oils. And this (very) old-school beauty secret is making a pretty big comeback right now. In fact, according to top dermatologists, facial oils may be that missing step in your beauty routine.

So how does it work?

Good oils protect your skin and your skin is lipophilic (oil loving). Our skin contains oils, therefore, they can penetrate deep into the skin, trapping water and other moisturizing goodness in, while keeping toxins and pollutants out. Some oils also help to fortify and strengthen our own natural skin barrier. Facial oils are packed with antioxidants, which prevent further aging and protection against free radical damage.

Why is my skin dry?

Plummeting temperatures, cranked-up heaters and lack of a nourishing moisturiser, suck moisture straight from the skin. Oils are the ideal antidote to dry, flaky skin and rough, rosy cheeks. They can be much more effective at moisturizing, deeply nourishing, and soothing your skin than your standard over-the-counter lotions and creams.

Quality counts

Higher-end oils are deep cleansing, actually pulling out grime and fats from pores, making them appear smaller and less noticeable hence a smoother skin texture. But be warned... the proof is in the formula. Unfortunately, the wrong oils readily available at the grocery store can give you clogged, puffed-out pores. Many oils also have anti-inflammatory properties as well, helping to quell irritated skin.

Oils are zit zappers!

Believe it or not, some oils are a pretty darn good zit zappers. And no, you won't get more pimples if you use oils, sometimes breakouts are caused by an imbalance of the skin barrier function. By applying the right oils to your skin it helps to nourish, retain moisture and reduce an overproduction of oil due to the skin lacking in oil. So, by achieving a good balance between moisture, oil and proper nourishment, you can prevent breakouts, blemishes, redness, pigmentation, wrinkles and uneven skin texture, leaving your skin healthy, glowing, and younger looking.

Why I use pure, high quality essential oils instead of plant extracts in BB Naturals

Many products are unable to be absorbed through the skin due to their chemical make-up. Essential oils are pure concentrated extracts distilled from plants, which contain pheromones, antibiotics and cell regeneration agents that energise, protect, and nourish. Because of their low molecular structure and an affinity with the skin’s natural oils it allows for rapid absorption. They enter and leave the body very efficiently leaving no toxic residue behind.

They are revered for both their aroma and their therapeutic value. The use of only 100% pure and natural essential oils allows the medicinal qualities of the oil to have a natural effect on the skin and emotions. There is a significant difference between plant essential oils and simple plant extracts. It is essential oils which carry the medicinal qualities and extracts are mainly used in perfumes or even in cooking.

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