Terms and Conditions

Dear valued customer,

My promise to you is that BB Naturals is backed by 22 years of experience and study in the natural health, skin and beauty industry.  Also through trails, testing, research and ongoing learning you can rest assured that BB Naturals is of high quality, super fresh and organic where possible, made with therapeutic grade ingredients.

Each product is clinically produced by hand and mixed on order, supplying you with a highly effective and nourishing products to suit your skin type and needs, leaving you with healthier, more youthful glowing skin, a skin that you can be proud of!

Because BB Naturals is so natural and packed with powerful essential oils making it very potent, some skins may need adjusting. At first you might experience breakouts due to detoxing caused by a deep cleansing effect or some tingling (which doesn’t mean you are allergic). Just give your skin a week or two to adjust, alternatively diluting the product by using less and applying on a wet skin to tone it down.

Products may need a good shake before use and the natural smell, colour, texture and packaging can vary from time to time. Due to hand mixing, it could take a week or so for shipping.

Unfortunately there are no refunds unless the wrong product has been sent which I will be happy to correct for you. None of the contents, information or images on this website may be copied or misused. Also by using or buying from this website you do so on your own risk. If products are damaged during shipping or get lost, it is the responsibility of the shipping company to reconcile it. Therefore by pressing “Pay Now” you have automatically accepted these terms and conditions.

Thank you so much for choosing BB Naturals and may it be a pleasurable experience!!!

Lots of love